The refurbishment of a smartphone

The refurbishment of a smartphone

The reconditioning process subjects the smartphone to a series of checks aimed at testing, as we have said, both its hardware and software operation.

It starts with the reset and possible correction of the main functions and processors , testing the switching on and off of the device, the functioning of the display , the touchscreen and the keyboard, if present best iphone repair singapore.

Control also extends to audio features , such as volume and ringtones , and to the status of the battery and the charging process. If necessary, accessories – such as chargers and headphones – will be replaced or repaired.

Next, we move on to the aesthetics check, taking care to change or restore any damaged external components , including covers , displays , connectors and bodies .

Finally, the last steps involve resetting each function , restoring the smartphone to its factory state, and cleaning and sanitizing it. Once the reconditioning process is completed, the general condition of the mobile phone will be checked again one last time, and then it will be packaged with its accessories.

Types of refurbished smartphones

Among the main types of refurbished smartphones we find:

Used smartphones : these are mobile phones that have been used for a limited period of time and returned using the right of withdrawal . In this case, the mobile phone is formatted and restored to factory conditions.

Smartphone for business use : these are mobile phones used for a short time by the employees of a company. When the company decides to equip its workers with new models, those in use are withdrawn by the manufacturing company, which will take care of formatting them and reselling them at lower prices.

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